Career History
QBE2018 – NowPrincipal Data Scientist

QBE European Operations forms a significant part of the QBE Insurance Group, which is one of the world’ s leading insurers and reinsurers, with operations in 36 countries worldwide. In QBE I am responsible for:

• Lead Text Analytics and NLP applications that enhance fraud claims detection

• Communicate with claims department to identify new cost-saving opportunities utilising NLP techniques

• Promote and apply recent deep learning models to enhance existing projects

• Recruit new team members

Microsoft2011 – 2018Software Engineer II

 SwiftKey (now part of Microsoft) provides next generation mobile text entry system based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

I apply NLP and machine learning techniques to design, implement, evaluate and improve our text prediction accuracy and language model efficiency. Most of my projects are centred around:

• Design and experiment Neural Network language models for complex languages, e.g. Chinese

• Experiment with Character/Morpheme models for complex/highly inflected languages

• Evaluate and analyse performance metrics to understand user behaviours

• Apply supervised classification techniques for automatic language classification

• Apply unsupervised NLP and ML techniques to discover unlisted words

• Continue experiments on data and extract features that can improve our models

I utilise Hadoop MapReduce and Spark distributed computing for our machine learning components, as well as CNTK for deep neural net models.

Fizzback/NICE.com2011NLP Developer

Fizzback (acquired by NICE systems) is a leading software provider for Real-Time Customer Feedback and Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions.

In Fizzback I am responsible for researching and developing the next generation NLP modules. They include automatic spelling error detection and context-based correction, topic classification and clustering as well as customer reviews sentiment analysis.

Yahoo! Answers2010Research Engineer

Research engineer in Yahoo! Answers team based in London. Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven Q\&A web service that allows anyone around the world to ask questions and to answer questions by other users. Currently it attracts approximately 20-million unique users and 40-million page-views per day. 

My responsibilities include maintaining and enhancing Yahoo! Answers natural language processing/machine learning research components such as:

  • Implement and expand the multi-lingual automatic text classifier
  • Question content similarity measures
  • Design algorithms for delivering relevant content to relevant users
  • Hadoop MapReduce for data mining
  • Experiment and evaluation for content/user behavioural analysis with HDFS data
NLPstatistical language modelling, IR, text mining, search
Deep LearningRNN rules!
JavaJava SE
Machine LearningClassification, Clustering